It's all about my story

I hope you’re doing good. Woo-hoo! I’m excited to introduce myself, 

My name is Kirti Sengar, former Software Engineer turned Actor & Content Creator. Right from the beginning, I had the zeal to do something very unique and innovative from the rest and therefore, I choose to become what I always wanted.

Having good knowledge of Tech, styling, fashion and Performing Arts, I combined various other aspects and stacked up to my blog. BindiOnJeans is not just a name but it breaks the old stereotypes of how a Desi Indian girl can make the use of  conventional fashion & translates the elegant aesthetics into playful and ultra chic style, just like putting Bindi on Jeans.

Kirti Sengar

Bindi On Jeans stands for the recall of all things beautiful and lost. Ethnicity with a modern touch are intimately connected to a sense of freedom and that is how ‘Bindi On Jeans’ came into existence.

My ultimate aim is to create fashion awareness among people by having nice fashion sense as your outfits regain the confidence in you and motivate this present generation to collaborate the Western Style with Desi Tadka.

Bindi On Jeans is a decorative mark that defines and celebrates womanhood – it’s an extension of my personality, a name that has no boundaries. We are not only here to build a community but also to enhance the real meaning of individuality.  

I strive to educate and collaborate with like minded businesses to mark a difference environmentally and socially. Let’s collaborate.

Let’s come forward by saying “A Bindi On Jeans was ever she wanted to wear”